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  R & D

The Darong research & development center was established in 2011 and uses its unique Know-how to develop new products and improve the quality of our products.
We possess a great staff consisting of researchers that hold masters and doctors degrees and conduct a lot of cooperative work with other research institutes in an effort to make technological innovations. We are also making efforts to develop products for modern electronic information industries and we also conduct research and development of new materials for new industries.
Using state of the art analysis equipment such as the HPLC, GC, MS, NMR, DSC and FT-IR we do our best to control the quality of our products in order to satisfy our customers.
We are also doing our best to secure the competitive powers of our clients by providing them with the products that they require in the rapidly changing market by developing environmentally friendly products for special uses.
Please feel free to contact us:
Frank Yu
Tel/Fax:  +86-532-67773200
Email:  sales@darongchem.com
Add: 43 Zhengzhou Road, Qingdao, China